Tears of a Dragon

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction/Christian

Series: Dragons in Our Midst #4

So Bonnie and Billy are dragon kids. Okay. And suppose a dragon slayer is after them – that’s okay, too. And Billy’s father was a dragon, Clefspeare. Still cool. But now Clefspeare has gone missing, and a horde of demon-like Watchers are about to invade the earth and cause the Apocalypse. Can the band of teenagers stop them in time?

WOOOOT, what a great (though bittersweet) end to Dragons in Our Midst.  I can’t spoil it for you *weeps* but rejoice! Oracles of Fire come in right after! *hurries to grab the next book*

The only objectionable content really, is violence. (Not gratuitous). And a Demon captures Bonnie and is pretty vile – implying that he wants to ‘breed’ with her and make a Nephilim. (One of the ‘Nephilim’ theories, of course). Nothing he says is shown, though. And it’s extremely quick.

Ages: 16+

5 out of 5 stars


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