Life in Spite of Me

Author: Kristen Anderson

Genre: Young Adult/Biography/Christian/Non-fiction

Kristin had everything she could have wanted. She grew up in a church-going family. She had friends. She was fairly popular. But her life took a steep downhill turn for the worse, and finally one day she decided to end her life.

But God had other plans.

This book was really amazing, faith-strengthening, and eye-opening. Kristen tells her story with raw honesty, displaying the power and glory of God on every page. I highly recommend it for older teens. I won’t even bother displaying Positive Elements for this one – the whole thing is about one real girl’s journey to God.

Negative Elements: Kristen does drugs and smokes, tries to commit suicide, suffers from deep depression, and is raped. This is all before she becomes a true Christian, by the way. The rape scene really wasn’t one – I was kind of worried about how it would go, but it was written with extreme tact and privacy. The actual act isn’t even mentioned, and is a very small part of her story.

Ages: mature 16+

5 out of 5 stars


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