Clone Codes

Author: The Mckissacks

Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction

Leanna has grown up as a perfectly normal girl in a perfectly normal life in the perfectly normal (and technologically advanced) year of 2170. But the year she turns thirteen, things start to happen – strange things. She begins to wonder – are Clones – the human-patterned biological machines made as servants to humankind – really as stupid and below humans as everyone thinks they are? Are cyborgs really inferior, inhuman beings? She begins a journey to discover the truth behind the codes – and discovers more than she had ever imagined.

This book was a fun, very quick read. It takes turns being exciting, funny, and very plot-twisty (even though you’ve probably already guessed one of them from reading the synopsis. It’s easy to spot). However, it also kind of annoyed me – it is EXTREMELY propeganda-filled, which detracted a tiny bit from my enjoyment of it. But it was still a fun, clean book that gives you an interesting perspective on a possible future.

Ages: 14+

2.5 out of 5 stars

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