Author: Richard Harland

Genre: Young Adult/Steampunk

Colbert Porpentine has it made. He comes from the most powerful family on the juggernaut Worldshaker, second only to Queen Victoria and King Albert. He is set to become the heir – commander of the Worldshaker. But his stiff, orderly life is turned upside down when a Filthy girl – the lower-life forms that run the Worldshaker on the lowest deck – escapes and turns up in his room. They clash, but Colbert begins to wonder if there is more to the Filthies than meets the eye.

This book was recommended to me, and I’m always up for a good Steampunk! I was pleasantly surprised with Worldshaker. It was intriguing, well-written, well thought-out, and a rollicking read.

There is some sexual tension between fourteen-year-old Riff and sixteen-year-old Colbert, but nothing gets innapropriate. I think the whole ‘alternate history’ thing is a very neat idea, up to par with Leviathan. This one comes recommended from me if you want a fun Steampunk.

Ages: 16+

4 out of 5 stars

2 responses to “Worldshaker

  1. do you take requests? ;) you are often mentioning drawing books and I’m wondering if you could write a post recommending your favorites… =)

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