The Best Drawing Books!

I got a request to post about my favorite drawing books! I happen to be somewhat of a connoiseur in that area, so this was fun =D

Draw and Paint the Realm of Faerie by Ed Org

This has been one of the best drawing books EVER. I had to buy this one, it helped me so enormously!! Ed Org is the most amazing pencil artist I have EVER seen, and his artwork is simply breathtaking. NOTE: He gets many of his props from “Witchfests,” whatever those are, and so it’s mentioned now and then (such as “The crown was a Witchfest purchase”). Also, several of his drawings lack, er, clothing. But cover them up, and this is still the best art book I’ve found yet.

Fantasy Art Workshop, Forging Dragons, Lost Worlds, Fantasy Drawing Workshop by John Howe

This is a FANTASTIC book. I love John Howe, and this lets you delve into his art! So wonderful! He has two or three unclothed paintings/drawings here, but other than that it’s plain fabulous! The introduction to Fantasy Drawing Workshop is a bit objectionable… this guy ‘jokes’ that John Howe has demonic powers that allow him to draw like he does. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Castles, Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee

Alan Lee’s art is pure ‘pencil poetry.’ And fortunately, he doesn’t tend to draw anything innapropriate!  I LOVE his art. I highly recommend his books for inspiration.

DragonArt, DragonArt Evolution by Jessica Pfeffer

These are GREAT for learning how to draw dragons! DON’T get the middle book, because she teaches you how to draw vampires, demons… yeah. =) These are so much fun.

Dreamscapes, DreamScapes Myth and Magic by Stephanie Pui-mun Law

This lady is AMAZING. She has an almost magical touch with a watercolor brush, a pencil… her mind sees great things indeed. She captures the fantasy in the world – and out of it, and her books are exhilarating to go through. However, she DOES draw nude pictures *groan* (why can’t anybody draw mermaids or ‘angels’ with COVERAGE?) and in her second book, Myth and Magic, she teaches you how to draw ‘witches’ and ‘sun worshippers.’ If I got the second book (I own the first) I would have to tear those pages out… *groan* or at least block them. But still in all, her drawing is fantastic.

I”ll add more later, but these are the best ones! =D


2 responses to “The Best Drawing Books!

  1. Thank you!!!!!! I got some of the John Howe ones and I ordered ed org’s…anyway I LOVE how JH makes it simple (though not easy) to sketch. =) quite inspiring too. ;)

    :-* CM

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