Enoch’s Ghost

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Fiction/Young Adult/Christian

Series: Eye of the Oracle #2

Ashley, Walter, and Karen have some serious work to do. Mardon is bent on drawing the three dimensions – Hell, Earth, and Heaven – together, in an attempt to recreate the Tower of Babble. Meanwhile Timothy has lost his memory and is in the Second Eden, trying to piece his life back together. Thigocia and a dragon who may or not be Arramos are on a mysterious mission, and Mardon has awoken the last of the Nephilim. Just one of those days for these guys.

As always, I love Bryan Davis’s books. I love his sense of deep chivalry, and how he delivers real characters. They are definitely not cardboard. Not to mention he’s a beautiful poet. The one thing I dislike about his books is that I believe he treads very close to ‘no-man’s-land’ in the realms of heaven and hell. I see it is pure speculation and fiction, but just remember that like Dante, he is not writing fact but fiction.

All said and done, I love his books, I love his characters, and I love Mr. Davis. Keep it up!

Ages: 16+

4 out of 5 stars

Book curtosy of Living Ink Publishers


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