The Moorchild

Author: Eloise McGraw

Genre: Fantasy/Children

Series: None

Moql, the child of a fairy mother and human father, is caught between the world of the humans and that of the changelings. When she is swapped for a human baby, she grows, forgets that she ever was a changeling, and learns to accept the world around her – even though it refuses to accept her. But something in the back of her mind knows that she is not ordinary.

I LOVED this book. I was surprised at how much I loved it. I couldn’t put it down! It might be a children’s book but at four days till my seventeenth birthday I still find it absolutely enchanting. Definitely a new favorite. Moql is a spunky, kind heroine that we can enjoy sharing adventures and discovering with. There is nothing innapropriate, no language, no violence except it is said – and threatened – that the only way to get rid of a Changeling is to throw it against a wall or throw it in a fire.

This book was absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend it.

Ages: 10+

5 out of 5 stars


5 responses to “The Moorchild

  1. AAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE EJM’s books!!!!!!!!!!!! particularly her egypt ones. =D =D they are SO. Awesome.

    I really liked this one too…. XD

    :-* CM

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