The Divine Dance

Author: Shannon Primicerio

Genre: Young Adult/Non-fiction/Inspirational/Christian

Series: None

Imagine a little girl on a stage. She wants your applause, approval–and love. As she matures into a young woman, her desire for love continues but her insecurities grow as she feels the pressure to dance harder, faster, and better than ever before… Asking “What audience are you trying to please?”, this book reminds young women that God is the ultimate audience–the only one who has given His life so that they can dance. Twenty-something author Shannon Kubiak, addressing issues of self-esteem, inner beauty, dating, friendships, family, and integrity, encourages girls to find their place on God’s stage–and to discover the amazing acceptance in dancing for the Creator alone.
I LOVE Shannon Primicerio; her books are inspirational, genuine, and encouraging. This was no exception. I highly recommend it for teenaged girls; read this if you’ve been struggling with feeling worthless – or even if you haven’t!
Ages: 15+
5 out of 5 stars
Book curtosy of Baker Publishing House

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