The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

Author: Jeanne Birdsall

Genre: Children/Fiction

Series: The Penderwicks #3

The Penderwicks are back! Or rather, MOST of them are. Rosalind is off to New Jersey for the summer, and Mr. Penderwick, his new wife Iantha and little Ben are off to England for their honeymoon. The rest of the girls are going to their Aunt Clair’s home at Point Mouette for the summer, and it is the first time the family has been so separated.

Skye is now the OAP – Oldest Available Penderwick  – and has her hands full trying to keep Batty from drowning or blowing up, Jane from falling in love with the mysterious Dominic, and Hound from adding chaos. Throw in a kind new neighbor and his annoying dog, the neighbor’s friend, a new boy and his little sister, and you have a very interesting summer, to say the least.

I adore the Penderwick books. They’re so cute, and all the characters are well-written and full of life. Their adventures, while trivial, are hilarious, entertaining and heart-warming. And there’s always the added plus of not having to worry about innapropriate content or foul language!

Positive Elements: While not enthusiastic about her position, Skye does her best to keep everyone safe and be the best lookout for her sisters she can. Jane learns to forgive and let go, and Jeffrey learns to forgive as well. Skye learns to relax and not be so controlling of everyone.

Negative Elements: Once again, Jane’s ‘writerly habits’ lean toward pagan rituals. In a humorous scene, she ‘sacrifices’ some of her hair to the ‘Firegod’ in the hopes he’ll grant her wish. The Firegod is mentioned several times, though never taken seriously. Mrs. Tifton is discovered to have been keeping family secrets from Jeffrey.

Other: Jane’s heart is broken, though somewhat superficially, after a small kiss is ‘flung in her face.’

Ages: 10+

5 out of 5 stars

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