Dragons of Chiril


Author: Donita K. Paul

Series: Dragons of Chiril #1

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Christian

Tipper’s life could be going well. Her sculptor-father has gone missing, the estate is falling apart, everything is in a state of disrepair, and her flighty mother is no help whatsoever. The only companion she truly has is a grand parrot named Beccaroon. In order to save the estate, she has been selling her father’s old scultors all over Chiril – but when he re-appears and desperately needs three of them, what is she to do?

Enter a foppish but good-hearted young artist, a curmudgeonly, hilarious wizard, a knowledgable librarian, a prince that makes Tipper’s heart thump, and several dragons – and you have a group perfect for questing. To save the world, that is.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Donita K. Paul’s books. I adore them. I adore the DragonKeeper chronicles, and these are just as good. Fenworth’s humor is at its peak, and he and Librettowit’s discussions are absolutely marvellous. The dragon’s characters are splendidly done, and everybody is written to perfection. The adventure is original, the lessons valuable, and the allegory perfectly done. Bravo, Mrs. Paul, Bravo!!

Positive Elements: Where to begin? Heroism, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, the grace of Wulder, understanding Wulder’s principles and timing, friendship, loyalty, faith… it’s all here!

Negative Elements: None, really. A few villains are involved in slave-trading, but there is absolutely nothing that might be considered ‘inappropriate’ about it. Tipper has eyes for Jayrus, and Beccaroon keeps a close eye on them.

5 out of 5 stars

Ages: 12+ (but excellent for all ages!)


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