The Map Across Time

Author: C. S. Lakin

Series: Gates of Heaven (Technically it could be either 1 or 2)

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Christian

Welcome to the fairytale land of Sherbourne where evil lurks in the shadows and talking pigs are eloquent speakers. Adin and Aletha, teenage brother and sister, are saying a final farewell to their dying mother. Sadly, it would seem their kingdom will share their mother’s fate. With the queen of Sherbourne on her deathbed and the king’s mind being manipulated, the survival of Sherbourne falls into the hands of Adin and Aletha. With a magical map as their guide, the two will encounter another time–one from their kingdom’s past.

The keys of Sherbourne’s plague can be undone if only the two will hold fast to the ancient truths they’ve learned from Reya, their beloved friend. In this epic of unfailing love, readers will view the world through the eyes of the innocent. The Map Across Time is a story able to stand the test of time. Its themes run deeply through the body of work, drawing on the ever-present ideals of worth beyond measure, good over evil, and love that is stronger than death.

Positive Content: Quite a bit; Aiden and Aletha put themselves in danger and do whats’ right in order to try and save their kingdom. Their relationship is very close and loving; they would do anything for each other.  Other characters show self-sacrifice and heroism as well.

Negative Content: the King displays negative attitudes toward his children; especially Aiden, who is crippled. He is obsessed with owning things of beauty – everything he can lay his hands on, in fact, which seems to include his daughter Aletha. There are some battles; people are wounded. Several people are not people at all; but evil disguised as people.

Summary: This book was good. It was entertaining; I wanted to know what happened at the end; I liked the characters. And since I’ve already read the Wolf of Tebron – EEK – I was so hyped up when I saw some characters from THAT book introduced near the end of Map Across Time!!! However; the Wolf of Tebron was better, in my opinion. I LOVED that book; I only LIKED this one. The talking pig Winston = ♥. I still look forward to Mrs. Lakin’s next book in the series, though!

Ages: 15+

4 out of 5 stars


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