The Realms Thereunder

Author: Ross Lawhead

Series: The Ancient Earth Chronicles #1

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Christian

Uncover a land that has been hidden for over a thousand years.

Beneath the land of Britain, a great army is sleeping. On a visit to an old church, Daniel Tully and Freya Reynolds awaken two ancient knights from a centuries-old slumber. They are kidnapped and taken to an underground city that stands in peril, besieged in all directions by a vicious warhost. Nidergeard is the only thing protecting the upper world’s blissful ignorance of mythical forces that have been held at bay since the creation of the world. In order to return home, Daniel and Freya must strike at the heart of the opposer’s power.

Fast forward eight years. Daniel, now homeless, still wages what he believes to be a righteous war against those he judges to be evil. Freya has tried to put the past behind her and concentrate on getting an education, a job, and a life. When they reconnect in Oxford, unseen forces begin to ally against them. Daniel is pulled through a portal and into another world. Freya is abducted by someone—some thing—posing as her professor and drugged to keep her in a delusional state. After they finally break free, neither can deny the truth . . . they must return to Nidergeard and resume the battle.

With a thrilling narrative that draws heavily upon British mythology, The Realms Thereunder will quickly establish Ross Lawhead as a major new voice in fantasy.

Positive Content: Daniel and Kelly try and look out for each other; as do the sleeping Knights. It is a battle against evil; physical as well as spiritual, and it is quite obvious.  While there was nothing explicitely ‘Christian,’ it has very strong allegorical themes running through it.

Negative Content: There is some violence (none of it disturbing). Someone puts Kelly under the hallucination she is married to him, in order (she thinks) to starve her. Maybe three mildly crude words/phrases.

Summary: I am a huge Stephen Lawhead lover, so when I saw his son had written a book  Iwas ECSTATIC. The book lived up to my expectations – Ross is so much like his Dad! You can tell they share the same passions, and both have the same knack for writing. Mind you, it’s not perfect, being a first novel – but it’s still highly enjoyable, exciting, and entertaining.

Ages: 16+

4 out of 5 stars



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