Lost in Dreams

Author: Roger Bruner

Series: Altered Hearts #2 (sequel to “Found in Translation“)

Genre: Christian/Young Adult/Fiction

Join eighteen-year-old Kim Hartlinger, as she arrives home from a life-changing mission trip to a remote Mexican village. This second novel in a new series for teen girls will challenge your faith-and capture your heart-as you journey with Kim through the biggest struggle of her life and faith.
 Positive Content: This is a thoughtful, deep story with many, many positive aspects promoting selflesness, courage, faith, trust, friendship, honesty, and love. It is excellent for anyone, but especially for those going through a difficult time or feeling a sense of guilt. The whole thing is one big, Christian learning curve.
Negative Content: None, really. Kim hides her guilt from her  father, but eventually confesses. She struggles from negative personal feelings, but these, too, are worked through. Aleesha and Jo get over their differences, in spite of a mean trick Jo tried to play on Aleesha (that backfired). There is a death, but it is non-graphic (though there is plenty of emotional trauma over it). They are working at a men’s prison, where some of the men are said to be murderers and rapists. One prison guard is blackmailing the inmates.
Summary: I liked this novel just as much as the first. It is deep, challenging and faith-building, with no real ‘negative’ content. It is well-written, though I ocassionally get the feeling that Mr. Bruner was trying too hard to get into a teenaged girl’s mind. However this is a minor flaw, I really enjoyed the book and have already recommended it to several people.
Ages: 16+
4 out of 5 stars
Visit the Author’s Website at http://www.rogerbruner.com
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3 responses to “Lost in Dreams

  1. Yeah, this book is a good one for teens, with no questionable content. Gotta love that fact, especially when so many books out there are less-than appropriate for younger teens. Very nice review, Mirriam. Glad we all could join TNT once again! :-)

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