The Wishing Pearl


Sixteen-year-old Olivia Mansfield dreams of a land far, far away. . .

A land far away from her stepfather’s abuse and torment.

A land far away from her mother’s blind eye.

A land far away from the haunting memories of her past.

But then reality sets in, and Olivia knows she must make the best of her dire situation—at least until her high-school graduation. But when poor choices lead Olivia to the brink of a complete breakdown and she finds herself dealing with the unexpected death of her best friend, she comes to a crossroads. Will Olivia find the path to ultimate hope and healing that her heart longs for? Or will the demons from her past prove too much to bear?

Positive Content: Being a Christian book, ‘The Wishing Pearl’ is full of Christian values. Overcoming hard pasts, working out difficult relationships, living a godly life as opposed to squandering it on alcohol, drugs, and bad company. Olivia’s attitude has a definite change; because no matter how hard she fights God, she realizes He is always there for her. She and several friends from Diamond Estates do their best to help and encourage each other. As a side note,  balanced meals, exercise, prayer and time with God are all promoted as essential to healthy living.

Negative Content: While I wouldn’t call it ‘negative content,’ so much as ‘mature content,’ Olivia’s stepfather has abused her sexually (though this is tactfully dealt with) many times since her mother married him. During the darkest time of her life, she has a rotten attitude, hangs out with the wrong crow, does alcohol and drugs, and goes to jail. At Diamond Estates, one girl stuffers from bulimia, another girl is a prostitute. Abortions are mentioned. (Mind you, these are things that God can fix, as is shown in the novel. These are troubled teens, and their help comes from God).

Summary: This was a good book. While it wasn’t the best I’ve ever read, it was engaging and promoted Christian values. The voices were true, and I wanted to know how it ended. I’d also be up for reading more in the Diamond Estates series when they become available.

Ages: Mature 16+

3.5 out of 5 stars

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4 responses to “The Wishing Pearl

  1. I like you chunk your review into categories! That’s fun! I echo your thought about the voices. They were true and I really felt as if I were inside the story with Olivia. Can’t wait for the next book!

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